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February 22, 2018

It is no secret that Peru is home to many impressive Inca Ruins, remains of Wari settlements, and the Colca Canyon. Most people know that part of the amazon rainforest creeps over the border from Brazil into Peru as well as Ecuador and Columbia. In fact, 60% of Peru is covered by forest region, though this only makes up 13% of the Amazon rainforest. This rainforest is home to more than half of the world's estimated ten million species of plants, animals and insects. Therefore, it is no surprise that Peru has many endemic species of flora and fauna.


However, you do not need to be dumped into deepest amazon in order to experience the wonders of nature for which Peru is famous. The country’s wild diversity boasts flat plains of sandy desert, thick jungle and impending mountains which are all home to a variety of species.


This is no different in the region of Cusco, passing from grassy pampas, to snow-capped mountains and through to luscious cloud forest. This makes the area the perfect place to witness all sorts of creatures. One in particular for which the region is famous is birds. A vast variety of birds, big and small, with markings all the colors of the rainbow.


There is a great opportunity to witness the flight of the infamous Andean Condor from a quiet viewpoint peering into the Apurimac Canyon along a path from the little-known about settlement of Chonta. The adventure promises to offer spectacular views down into the crystal waters of the Apurimac River and despite the unpredictability of nature, the chance of seeing several condors is very high. The young juveniles take to the skies in the base of the canyon in the early afternoon as the adults soar a thousand meters above them.


However, the canyon is also home to many over wonderful birds who must not be overlooked in favour of the impressively large condor.

The canyon, one of the deepest in the Americas is home to the Black-chested Buzzard Eagle, as well as the Mountain Caracara. The largest raptor in the world also shares the skies with many smaller species such as the Golden-billed Saltator, the Sierra Finch, and even the Giant Hummingbird. Compared to the most other species of hummingbird, this bird is impressively large- although it still fits into a human palm.


The Apurimac canyon is also home to many endemic species including the Apurimac Brush Finch and the Apurimac Spinetail.


One of the real stars of the region is the Buff Fronted Owl. As all good Birders know, the best things come to those who wait. This saying is particularly true when it comes to this species of owl. Although there have recently been sightings of the stunning owl, they have been intermittent and spread over different locations, offering no real clues as to its favourite hang out spot.

Right around our Ecocamps you have the chance to see many beautiful birds. Some in clear sight, perching on fences, walls and flying overhead. Others, however, are much harder to spot and require a keen, and patient, eye and ear in order to track down their position.



The Peruvian pygmy owl is a common resident at Pincopata Ecocamp. The small bird is often identified by its rapid whilstled song before being spotted high up in a tree. In Pincopata it chooses the large tree right in front of the old Hacienda. 



One bird that is hard to miss is the radiant green loro (parrot). The birds are mostly found on the other side of the Salkantay Mountain, nearer our final Ecocamps Milpo and Cafe, as the climate becomes more tropical and cloud forest merges into thicker jungle. However do not be surprised if you are awoken by the harmonious song of a flock of parrots in Pincopata. 


So if you would like to wet your beak and explore this beautiful region while searching for some beautiful species and witness skies bursting with birds of different shapes and sizes, then see our Birding tour.


Download our full birding list here.

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